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Josh3Thank you for visiting my site!

Get ready for a truly visceral experience. My politically incorrect brand of intellectual Conservativism is guaranteed to make you use the 90% of your brain that you normally don’t and humor you in the process! Now for a little bit about me…

I grew up in an upper middle class suburban New Jersey neighborhood about 23 miles south of New York City . I am the youngest of three children or as my mother still likes to call me, “the baby.” lol

The make up of my town was predominantly Jewish and Italian. I got along well with everybody however most of my closest friends were Italian. Hey! Forget about it!

Growing up in what I would call Liberalville I was taught at a young age that being a Democrat was the only other religion I was allowed to convert to. For those of you who don’t understand Jewish humor that was a joke.

Anyway, what I learned from my faith that I carry with me to this day is a sense of compassion, a love of family, and a respect and empathy for those less fortunate. I am very proud of my heritage and am 100% committed to my faith.

With that being said my beliefs line up more closely with Christian Conservatism than they do Liberal Judaism. Unlike many members of my tribe I do not consider Christianity a threat; I consider it a huge asset as Christians are the biggest supporters of Israel .

At 21 years old I packed up my car, emptied what little money I had saved from my bank account, and headed out west to “find myself.” What I found instead was a woman. I got married and had a son. Happily divorced now and raising my 8 year old with my ex-wife has been a real interesting experience. I always say the worst mistake of my life also gave me my life’s greatest blessing.

I landed in Arizona 19 years ago and never looked back. I immediately adapted well to not only the 300 days of sunshine per year, but more importantly to Arizona ’s Individualistic brand of Conservatism. I felt right at home.

I started out writing poetry at a very young age. I still write some here and there but now if I do write it is usually a political article. The events of 9-11 had a very profound effect on me as it did other Americans. That one fateful day for our country changed the way I look at the world forever. This was the single event in my life that catapulted me into my career in politics.

The truth is it is not politics that I love, it is the game of politics that excites me. I love to out think, out smart,  and out fox the left at every turn. Nothing gives me more pride and pleasure than exposing the radical left at their games. I love the chess match of politics. The strategic element of political warfare and educating un-informed voters to the dangers of liberalism.

Like a great offensive coordinator my job is to break down the left’s playbook and poke holes in their defense. Like a masterful quarterback I have developed a knack for being able to read, react, and recognize the left’s next move and warn others on what it will be and how to defeat it.

My show is raw, savage, and intellectually aggressive. I do not fit the mold of anyone but myself. I have a unique perspective on life and ultimately it shows up in the way I deliver my message.

Thank you once again for reading this and letting me share a piece of myself with you.

One thought on “Behind the microphone

  1. Hello Josh,
    We just became “friends” on the teaparty website. Just thought I would drop by and check you out. Let me tell you a bit about myself, now that I’ve read about you. I have been an artist since birth, but my career was in engineering. I never did “fit in” with the art crowd, to liberal and just strange for me. I am now retired and doing my art, studying Scripture (I am a Christian) and just enjoying life until Lord Yeshua returns to take His Bride, (the Church) which I believe, could be this year. At any rate, good to meet you and yes, I do support Israel. I am greatly grieved at how our President endorses and supports the enemies of Israel, while Israel embraces our crimminal President.

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