1. Hello Josh,
    We just became “friends” on the teaparty website. Just thought I would drop by and check you out. Let me tell you a bit about myself, now that I’ve read about you. I have been an artist since birth, but my career was in engineering. I never did “fit in” with the art crowd, to liberal and just strange for me. I am now retired and doing my art, studying Scripture (I am a Christian) and just enjoying life until Lord Yeshua returns to take His Bride, (the Church) which I believe, could be this year. At any rate, good to meet you and yes, I do support Israel. I am greatly grieved at how our President endorses and supports the enemies of Israel, while Israel embraces our crimminal President.

  2. Josh, I want to thank you for your appearance on my internet radio program this morning. Until two days ago, I had never heard of you – “my-bad!” I love your fervor, courage, and compassion, You and I are cut-out-out of the same mold. I am a 79 years old Christian Pastor of 62 years. I consider myself “to the right of Rush Limbaugh politically, and to the right of Jerry Falwell religiously.” I am a lover of Israel and frequently interview men and women from Israel. It appears as though you and I are in the same battle to preserve this once great nation that we live in. I passionately dislike political correctness and Christian “religiosity.” If you are inclined, let me ask that you go to my website, and on the bottom of the Home Page leave a comment. I believe that your influence word inspire others to cast their lot with people like us who are trying to rally grass-roots America to save our nation for your son and others in that generation. Thanks for your consideration. http://www.savingamericasfreedom.com.

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