Beyond Politics

monument valley wallpaperBesides politics and being a passionate political pundit I also have always had a love for poetry. I started writing poetry at a very young age and still do to this day. I have won numerous awards and have been published quite a few times.

Here is some of my work:

100 Rings of Reality

The old tree quite freightened from the elements told me to soak my soul in sugar cause I’m sweet,
Crystallize my time and tenure falling from my fruitful feet,

To scrape away at battered bark,
To hear the cries in deepest dark,
To touch the skin with new found life,
To pry the pulp with eager knife,

To be a tree you need to see,
The drip of sacred sap that stimulates the earth,
And gives back to the land that had once given it birth.-Josh Bernstein

“The Lake”

I woke a sleeping rock to find it whisper a sultry secret from a long time ago.
The cactuses all think they are pointless in the desert.

Mystifying clear blue waters with many drifters are cruising and backpacking through the cornerstone of great remains.
While the rattlesnakes dance in the desert silence to the sound of naked winds and well rested autonomy.

It still is what it should always be.-Josh Bernstein


I wonder where the day goes,
Disappears into the Sacred sky,

A whistle from above,
Like a soothing little dove,
The smell of nature’s love, is in the air.

Rinse the monsoons from my eyes,
The night becomes the day’s sky,
Swirl around my soul today,
Always wished the day would stay. -Josh Bernstein


Red cliffs of reason in any season,
Pure and enriched through sandstone dreams.

Crimson buttes of solidified hope,
Eroding in a time well spent.

Native nostalgia flowing through God’s magnificent Canyon.

A million interpretations of irredescent skies,
Need not be solved but rather learned.-Josh Bernstein

Sentimental Verse

Like a gumball machine searching for its lost quarter,
I wonder if there really is pennies in heaven.

Inebriated penguins in their waterproof tuxedos play dominos in their igloos,

And everybody has a good time when the poets voice their laundry; and wash the satire from their hair.-Josh Bernstein

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