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  1. Mr. Bernstein,

    I just finished reading your article regarding the unbelievable and indefensible arming of and by DHS. This agency scares the hell out of me. Most of what I have read on the internet falls into 1 of 3 categories: (1) descriptions of atrocities already committed by local police, DHS employees, etc., (2) suggestions to impeach the president (no capital), get rid of congress, etc., and (3) comments that are totally irrelevant and unconstructive. My question is, and has been for weeks, what, exactly, can the average American citizen do to take back our country. We all know who the “bad guys” are. They have organization; we do not. They have leadership; we don’t. They have a plan; we have none. They have communication; we, for the most part, waste words on the internet. They have incredibly powerful weapons; we have .22s, deer rifles, shotguns. They have bulletproof gear; we have cotton shirts and jeans. You get my point. Are people reluctant to answer my question because of spying on telephone or cellular conversations and internet communications by the NSA and others? How do we get organized in order to be effective enough to prevail, not just get killed with a .45 or a .223 in our hands? I look forward to your reply. Thank you. Greg Smith

  2. Josh,
    Just heard another excellent interview on the Bobby Gunther Walsh Show (WAEB). I’m glad you have chosen to make regular appearances there since Bobby always gives you the proper time to fully dissect a question of the day or topic of your choice. Well done, your observations on the lib media wusses that literally made fools of themselves in the last debate was both humorous and quite true. I think the onions shown by the Repubs registered big time with the general public; even some libs, as pointed out on the show, have had enough. As my old drill instructor from Parris Island said 49 years ago, “It’s about time girls, it’s about time”! (Girls was a good term compared to what they called us every day).
    Continued success,
    Larry Mulligan

  3. Josh, would you please go after Bill Clinton and Hilary? Check out State rep. Cathleen O’Brian, she confronted Hilary about Bill predatory sexual behavior. Hilary lost it and called her rude. Then dismissed her. A liberal media type said she confronted Hilary because she was a republican. Bill is out stumping for Hilary for president. This makes him fair game. What do you think?

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