TV Talk Show Host, Political Analyst, Commentator and National Spokesman Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today. He has been called a “political savant” and always gives you a different angle the rest of the media hasn’t thought of. Never one to shy away from controversy he says and does what others in the media wouldn’t dare say. His TV Show is watched by thousands of people each week and features a different top level guest each week.

Before Josh ascended the ranks of Television broadcasting he made a name for himself as a prolific writer and unapologetic radio talk show host. A published writer at a very young age, initially his passion was for poetry. (see the “Beyond Politics” for some of his published work.) However, his focus and passion all changed with the events of September 11, 2001. This single event inspired him to pursue his passion for Patriotism, Conservatism, and American pride. Josh article’s were found on such powerhouses of Conservative thought such as Breitbart News, Right Wing News, and The Tea Party Tribune.

His articles lead him to numerous guest appearances on some of today’s best conservative talk shows and to the formation of his own show “The Josh Bernstein Show”

Politistick recently did an EXCLUSIVE interview with Josh in which they covered the legendary Radio Talk Show Host Barry Farber’s prediction that Josh could be the next Rush Limbaugh. Josh feels just to be mentioned in the same sentence as Rush is an honor and a very humbling experience. Barry Farber has been on the air for over 50 years and is currently ranked #8 on the list of all time greatest radio personalities in the history of broadcasting. He also was very instrumental in the development of Sean Hannity’s career and Sean counts Barry as one of his biggest mentors.

Here is that article:

The Josh Bernstein Show has been named to “Top 100 Conservative All Stars List” (this is a list with great names in Conservative talk such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin.)

You can read his Rolling Stone style Interview with Top Talk HERE:

Josh’s show is hard hitting, edgy, and carries with it the subtleness of a sledgehammer. The fire breathing Conservative Talk Show Host never uses any bad language because he understands that every show he does is part of his resume. Josh does his show in a very deliberate fashion. When his loyal fans ask him if he is as passionate off the air as he is on it, he says with no hesitation, “Absolutely!” “I want people who watch the show to either absolutely love me or absolutely loathe me. I don’t want to be “moderately liked” by everyone. My favorite compliment is when a liberal says to me, “I disagree with almost everything you say but I love the way you say it.” To me, that is priceless.”



Also the audio portions of the TV Show can be heard on many different platforms around the Country frankly too many to list.

*** Josh does weekly segments on many different shows such as “The Jiggy Jaguar Show” which broadcasts on 50 stations and is ranked #49 on Talkers Magazine’s “Frontier Fifty” BELLOWS UNPLUGGED, and THE ALLAN NATHAN SHOW just to name a few.

Look for “THE JOSH BERNSTEIN NEWS MINUTES” powered by AMAC EVERY DAY ON as many as 47 stations across the country and in 25 states. The Josh Bernstein TV Show is now featured on the Huffington Post website in the video section as well.

Josh has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs across the country where he gives political insight and commentary on the pressing and breaking news stories of the day. Josh also can be seen frequently on Newsmax TV and The Dove TV and heard regularly on “The Barry Farber Show”, “The Clint Bellows Show”, “The Charles Butler Show”, “Bobby Gunther Walsh”, “The Allan Nathan Show”, and many many others.

In addition to hosting a weekly TV Show Josh is also proud to be a National Spokesman for the amazing group The Association of Mature American Citizens. (aka AMAC)
WWW.AMAC.US is the “Conservative Alternative” to groups like AARP. I am proud and honored to represent this fine group. AMAC helps guide Seniors to make fiscally sound healthcare decisions while stressing their independence and maintaining their liberty. AMAC puts Seniors first, their members first, and America first.

Josh is the Director of Campaign Communications for Candidate Vetting for The Tea Party Community. This allows him access to some of the biggest names running for Congress. Josh has interviewed just about everyone running for Congress as well as some other big name notables in Conservative Politics. Josh has interviewed Television stars, radio stars, Former White House Officials, Former Military Commanders and Generals, even a few folks on the right from Hollywood.

America is in great peril. Leftists and Globalists in BOTH parties are destroying America. The agenda 21 and New World Order are in full effect. Liberalism, Collectivism, and Socialism are destroying our country like a 21st Century plague. From Western Europe to Canada to the United States the axis of evil must be defeated.
The Josh Bernstein Show exposes liberal hypocrisy, dissects leftist ideology, and dismantles liberal policy with intellect and facts.

The Josh Bernstein show starts where the rest of the media ends…

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  1. Glad to see you are doing quite well at what you clearly do best, and that unlike so many countless others, who shall remain left unnamed, you did not turn into a narcissistic, liberal Democrat. Sorry to hear you have gone through a divorce, although it appears that you are happy and content, which is all that matters. I am very proud of you.

    The band Dawes (unfortunately, they busted their nut on their debut release, titled “North Hills,” which is an area of Los Angeles where a lot of beautiful art and music (and liberals) come out of…2 tracks attached below). Enjoy them… but always remember, separate personal political views from music/art, unlike Ted Nugent, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, Bono, who have both very clearly lost their minds completely:

    Happy (belated) Birthday, and all the very best wishes to you, your son, and your new show, in 2014 and beyond…

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  3. Josh has got what it takes to go top ten in his fields, He is tenacious, heartfelt, driven and correct in his observations. He is on the right side in his defence of the constitution and policies or the core Conservatives. He should be given a permanent seat on a liberal top ten station to provide the news and opinions being left on the edit floor of most station. If a station EVER wants to be considered mainstream, they most provide opposing opinions, he can deliver that and more when up at the plate. The reason Fox is so successful is because they provide both ends on an issue, I believe they are the only ones doing so, if MSLSD or CNN were to take a fellow like Josh and give him prime time, there ratings would go off the chart, imagine for a minute both side of the same issue at the same time, wow what a concept…Steve, NJ

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  5. Just wanted to drop a thank you to you Josh for supporting Middle Eastern Christians. The Christians of Iraq and Syria (Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac) have been especially devastated recently. Not only have they been treated brutally by the evil that is ISIS, but the Iraqi government, the Kurds, and the U.S. have contributed to their demise and torment. As a proud Assyrian-American, I am so sad to see my country of 40+ years treat my Assyrian community with such disdain or apathy. Would it not be in our self-interest to protect the Christians of Iraq and Syria? But the problem lies in the hearts and minds of our leadership. They unfortunately have to want to help those Christians first and unfortunately our leadership does not at this point in time.

  6. You are the youth that is concerned with our home, America.
    The new generation commentator with eyes on the prize.
    Were you to sell Vitamins that work, count me in.
    I listen on youtube with a subscription to your channel.
    I pray to God that Trump will win.
    I have a deep emotional glow inside me, and it says he can win.
    It is very deep and very faint, but it is very clear, Trump for America.
    I will share your latest video to my friend in Naples.

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